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Become a Parenting Foundations Member. As a member of Parenting Foundations, you will be provided with information and support to get you from being exhausted to being energized!

Tired of feeling alone and not sure what to do next?

The purpose of Parenting Foundations Membership is to provide parents/caregivers a place to find information and support from an expert with a diverse background.

Brenda strives to connect families with the information that is right for their family. The goal of the membership is for each member to receive the information that helps each parent/caregiver feel empowered during the various stages of their child’s life.

Parenting does have its challenges. It is made is easier with increased sleep, knowledge support and encouragement that can be found as a member of Parenting Foundations.

Membership Includes:

Access to Exclusive Articles and Blog Posts

Age appropriate sections with information

Private Facebook Group

Private Messaging to Parenting Foundations

I am very grateful to know when I need advice and I’m stressed out about kid things you are there for me!


We definitely have our ups and downs and having a solid support network is what keeps filling our cups full of happiness and success. 


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This membership is right for you if you answer YES to 2 or more of these questions.

Are you confused by all the information on the internet?

Do you have a child between birth and 12 years of age? 

Do you question your parenting choices?

Want a place to ask questions without judgement?

Are you looking for solutions to your child’s sleep isssues? 

 Suffering from information overload?

Are you looking for advice to help with potty training, anxiety and more? 

Do you want answers from a Child Development and Sleep Expert for a portion of the typical price? 

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