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Increase Your Parenting ToolboxParenting is not an easy gig. There are so many ideas, thoughts and ways to parent. How do you know what is right for you? I personally believe that knowledge is power and the more tricks and tips you have to deal with behaviours and typical developmental milestones the more effective parent you will be.

It is my goal to help you build your parenting toolbox. The key is to build your toolbox with the tips and tricks that work for you. I will provide you with ideas based on your parenting style.

What gives me the right to say I can help you? You are already an expert of your child. I will use my experience as a mom and as a professional to add tips and tricks to your parenting toolbox. My goal is to empower you. If your concerns are not my areas of expertise, I will guide you in the right direction to receive the support and information you require.

Call today to set up a free 15-minute consultation where we can discuss your concerns and ways I can help. Contact Brenda at 403-652-7111.

Below are a few of my parenting articles to get you started building your toolbox. For more in-depth information and for an interactive community, consider our PF Membership. Click here for more information.

“The Most Wonderful Time of Year”??

Not 100% sure I would call it the "Most Wonderful Time of Year"!! The malls are full of people bustling about. Children are bouncing off the walls with excitement. Parents are trying their best to make this a happy time adding pressure to their already busy times....

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Parenting: Let the Raw Feelings Happen

This is a bit of a raw feelings post for me. Every once and awhile I will post about things I am experiencing. I feel that this post is necessary so you see that things happen to all of us. Our little man has entered into a whole new world this year. He is in...

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Dreams: Talking to Kids About the Good, Bad and Ugly Ones

Dreams can be wonderful and downright terrifying! It can be very difficult to explain to children that dreams are not real. Even as adults sometimes it can be very hard to shake off a bad dream. First lets, chat about what a dream is Dreams are thoughts that occur...

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Parenting Styles: Mindful Parenting

Mindful Parenting is a parenting style that is gaining in popularity and understanding. In order to understand this parenting style, I will first talk about what it means to be mindful. Mindfulness is a practice that has been going on for many years. It has gained...

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