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Strangers: Keeping Our Little Ones Safe from Unsafe People

It is hard not to worry and focus a great deal on keeping our kids safe. The best thing we can do is prepare them with the tools of how to identify that someone can put them in danger. It is topics like this that really makes me want to go back to the days where I was...

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It’s not you, It’s me!!!

 Does the following scenario sound familiar to you... You are trying to interact with your child; but, your child is whining, complaining, not following the direction, dropping to the floor, etc. You begin to feel frustrated, your voice gets "sharp", you are snapping...

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Sensory Seeking and Aversion Explained

Where did that energy come from?? Can I please have some of the energy radiating from my child? I noticed a number of restaurant staff watching me as our youngest was pushing me in my chair, arm wrestling with me and headbutting me (in a playful way). This is what...

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