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    Hello. Things are going really well in almost all departments here except for our babies 4-430 am wake up. Based off the feeding schedule he wakes to feed. The issue is he doesn’t go back to his crib to sleep. He sleeps on us or he doesn’t sleep at all. I know he has the capability to sleep on his own. He is 6 months and we are on 3 naps a day with only one nap lasting 1.5 hours with both other naps lasting 45 min. Wakes times is 2-2.25 hours. His bedtime is 730-8pm depending on when his last nap is.

    I’ve followed all the tips to early wakings and I don’t think we have any issues. The only one that might hold true is possibly over tired at bedtime. Brenda what can I do to encourage him back to sleep so we aren’t holding him from 430-800am? He wakes every hour anyways when he sleeps on us but with little coaxing he goes back to sleep.


    Brenda McSween

    What makes you think he is overtired at bedtime?

    From what you have stated I do not think he is overtired. I would actually start pushing his wake times later by 15 minutes and see if that pushes his morning wake time later.

    How is he falling asleep? Is in the crib when he drifts off for the night?

    If this continues after you add 15 minutes to his wake times then we may have to look at the rouse to sleep technique.


    He falls asleep by pick up put down but we aren’t at putting him down awake just drowsy. I thought he was overtired because he fusses quite a bit at bed time still. PU/Pd works well but some nights he goes down in 10 minutes other nights it takes 30-40 minutes. His naps he is rocked then put into his crib once asleep. We have been bad for his naps 🙁

    I want to try to wake him slightly around the 30 min mark to try to get him into his next sleep cycle once in the crib but I’m intimidated and worried. Might wake him up and ruin his nap.


    Brenda McSween

    Fussing a great deal before it is time to go to sleep can actually mean he is not ready for sleep. I would recommend try pushing all his wake times by 15 minutes and see how that goes. This could extend his morning wake up as well. Sometimes playing with the wake hours can pushing morning wake time later.

    Drowsy but awake is great! Naps will get easier. I would wait to do the rouse to sleep until after you have increased wake times for at least a week.


    We will work on extending his wake times. When he has a 30 minute nap he struggles to last 2.25 hours. He gets super fussy so we put him down sooner than 2.25 hrs. i was hoping the rousing would help extend the naps.


    Brenda McSween

    The rousing to sleep can help. I would recommend keeping that as a last resort. As he ages, you will find increasing wake times will help. I believe that with an increase in his wake time he will experience longer naps. If that does not happen after a week then I would try the rouse to sleep.


    Okay that seems fair enough. How should I go about not rocking. He won’t settle with just walking. We have had maybe 4-5 times he has fallen asleep on your shoulder due to exhaustion. I don’t know if that is healthy or what you want to have happen. I’ve been trying as soon as he calms I just pat him to get him down.

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