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    When is it best to go BTC when they go down to one nap? I have been in transition with LO for about a month now and following 5 hr post nap. Since her nap times ends at different time, I find going by WT easier. I’m always worried that I put her down to bed too late if she woke up early. Since she is at daycare full time, BTC seems a bit hard especially when they occasionally put her down at different times for nap, even though I’ve asked them to be consistent.


    Brenda McSween

    Personally, by the clock works for some kids but not all. I find once down to one nap for at least 8 weeks you will start to get a more predictable pattern which appears like it is by the clock. I recommend wake times as long as you can handle the unpredictability. I did wake times until our son was closer to 3 and dropped his naps.

    I would continue with wake times just do not forget to increase the wake times by 15 minutes as she ages and show signs that she is not ready for sleep.


    Thanks Brenda!!! Yeah I find BTC tricky as I don’t want to put them down under tired or over tired. I find going by WT helps since nap length varies from time to time!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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