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Full Service Package

Receive more intense help tailored to suit your needs and the needs of your family. 

Want someone to talk you through a plan to increase your child’s sleep or change your child’s behaviour?

The purpose of Parenting Foundations Full Service Package is to provide parents/caregivers with an individualized plan to meet their child’s needs.

The ability to follow up and receive tidbits of information to assist families to make minor enhancements with their child’s sleep or behaviour has proven to be beneficial.

Each member will have access to the benefits of the Parenting Foundations Membership for 1 year in addition to the individualized initial programming.

Full-Service Package Includes:

A 60 to 90-minute Phone call with Brenda McSween

Individualized sleep or parenting plan

The benefits of the Parenting Foundations Membership for 1 year

 Brenda was incredibly patient as we worked through each issue, providing helpful suggestions and being very responsive. By the end of our consultation with Brenda, our little one was napping in his crib,  able to go to sleep on his own, and his night wakings were reduced.


Throughout the sleep training, Brenda was consistently supportive and that was a huge factor in our success. She is knowledgeable, patient, kind, and helpful. We are so glad we called and asked for her help. 


When we contacted Brenda we didn’t realize how broken our system was, and now I feel that we are all happier, well-rested, and better able to cope with the daily challenges of being new parents. I completely recommend Brenda, and I only wish I had contacted her sooner!

Erin and Brent

 My first meeting with Brenda was great, we went through all our issues regarding sleep and Brenda was very supportive and created a strategy on how we could tackle sleep training.  That very night my little guy slept in his crib.