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It’s not you, It’s me!!!

 Does the following scenario sound familiar to you... You are trying to interact with your child; but, your child is whining, complaining, not following the direction, dropping to the floor, etc. You begin to feel frustrated, your voice gets "sharp", you are snapping...

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Readiness: Is your child ready?

Readiness. This is an important topic that can often get overlooked. I have talked to a number of parents that are concerned about their child's development after their child has spent some time with some same-aged peers. Our children are constantly growing and...

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Tantrums on the go!

Traveling with young children is an amazing opportunity to create so many memories with your children. The most memorable memories for you may be when your child is throwing himself/herself down on the floor in the airport or screaming bloody murder of the plane!...

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Early Mornings Getting the Best of you??

This time of year I get a flood of inquiries about early morning wakings. If your child is waking up way before you are ready to wake up, know that you are not alone! What is it about this time of year that causes this common theme?..any guesses?? The answer...the...

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Naps: When do I just give up!

"What do I do if my child just will not fall asleep?"...sound familiar. It should because it is a very common question. Many families that I work with wonder what they should do if their child is simply refusing to nap. You would think that if your child is tired they...

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