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Sleep deprivation got you down? Need some strategies to help your little one sleep better? Brenda understands (she’s been there) and with her gentle teaching methods you will both be sleeping soundly in the near future.

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I, Brenda McSween, am the very proud mother of a wonderful young man and the extra caring adult (aka stepmom) to two wonderful young adult males. When I became a mom I was floored at all the conflicting information that is available to parents. It became my mission to help others find the best solutions to their parenting concerns. My dream of being a Parent Advisor became a reality and Parenting Foundations was born.

I have over 20 years of professional experience working with children and families and hold a Bachelors of Child Studies Degree from Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I am passionate about helping parents navigate through the wonderful adventure of raising children. In 2013, I became a Pediatric Sleep Consultant. I felt the training would add to my skill set and give parents a choice of how they teach their children to sleep effectively.

I am a firm believer that there is often more than one way to do things and that offering choices empowers parents to do what suits them and their families the best. I sift through the massive amounts of information available and offer suggestions to enhance your parenting style and/or your ability to help your child sleep.  My goal is to help parents feel they are making the best parenting and sleep choices for themselves and their child(ren).

Schedule versus Wake Time

I often get asked by families when is it appropriate to have a set schedule (also referred to "By the clock" or BTC). There are so many factors to consider. It is very hard to state "by age ___ you should have a set schedule". What are the factors to consider when...
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Bedtime, It is a Marathon not a race!

Bedtime can be a long drawn out process for older children. In my opinion, there is no harm in having a longer bedtime routine as long as the end result is that your child is tucked into bed happy and drifting off to sleep. This is why I often call bedtime "a marathon...
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The Benefits of Imaginative Play

I really enjoy sitting back and watching our young man using his imagination. He is the type of child that will be sitting watching a movie then all of a sudden he starts to act it out. His imaginative play can be quite simple and sometimes he develops these grand...
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What toys are right for my child?

Recently I had a great conversation with a member of Parenting Foundations. She asked, "what are some developmentally appropriate toys for my children?" Her children are just under one year. I really wanted to answer this question with a bit more information and up to...
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Crap Naps

One of the most common questions I get is.... (wait for it)..."how can I help my child nap longer?". Sound familiar?? Short naps are very common and seem to cause a great deal of stress for parents. The first thing I like to say as a response to this question is...
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Why is my Child Biting People?

A very common but not enjoyed behavior is when children bite. This can happen in a very predictable manner for some children and completely out of the blue for others. The age of the child is a major factor in deciding how to address this issue. Infants and toddlers...
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Stop, Drop and Connect

There are many times as a parent that we see our children falling apart. Tantrums are occurring left, right and center; tears for unknown reasons, and non-compliance for no known reason. Your typically calm and quite child is losing it, your usually strongly...
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Time Change Coming

Yippee (sarcasm inserted here) we have a time change this weekend! We will find ourselves moving our clocks ahead an hour. So if your child usually wakes up at 7 am the clock will say 8 am!!! You will look at the clock and smile but realistically it does not mean much...
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Baby Massage Benefits

  Massage can be a great addition to your baby's routine, with benefits for both you and him. Some of the many benefits of baby massage include: Can enable babies to affirm their bond with their parents, older siblings, grandparents and other primary caregivers....
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Cribs, Bassinets and Bed Linen

The safest place for your baby to sleep is in a cot or bassinet with a firm, flat mattress. For an optimal sleep environment, “same place every time” allows your baby to begin to make a connection about sleep though this really isn’t established until later. It is a...
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Success Stories

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of working with some amazing families and been blessed to witness their transformations.

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